Token Release FAQ

The highlights of the $BOOK Token release announcement.

Where can I watch the full announcement?

When is the $BOOK Token Release?

$BOOK will be released starting at 8 AM ET, October 20th.

Do I need to do anything to claim my $BOOK Token?
No. If you purchased $BOOK during the ITO, the Tokens will be dropped to your wallet automatically.

Will there be a liquidity pool?
$BOOK & ADA liquidity pool will be created on Minswap ( at launch.

What is $BOOK's price at launch?
Pool price at launch will be $0.02 which was the final price of the ITO.

Will there be farming rewards for $BOOK on Minswap?
Once Minswap approves, we will begin paying farming rewards in $BOOK. No current ETA.

What are the Bible Rewards?
20,000 $BOOK will be dropped for each Bible. Drops will be spread out equally over 24 months in increments of 833.33 $BOOK per Bible. The snapshots will be taken monthly and your Bible MUST be in your wallet when the snapshot is taken.  If your Bible is listed for sale on JPG or any other marketplace when the snapshot is taken, you will NOT receive any $BOOK

What are the Golden Bookmark holder rewards?

  • Each Golden Bookmark will receive 1,000,000 $BOOK.
  • A snapshot will be taken on October 30.  If your Golden Bookmark is listed on JPEG or any other marketplace when the snapshot is taken you will NOT receive your 1,000,000 $BOOK.  Do NOT become the laughingstock of OG Discord!!!  Make sure your Golden Bookmark is NOT listed for sale on October 30!!
    $BOOK airdrop to Golden Bookmark owners will take place on Halloween. 

Initial $BOOK Utility:

  • Future book releases may have the option to pay in $BOOK or possibly require $BOOK
  • A publisher has agreed to be paid in $BOOK for certain titles.

Investors & Employees:

  • 90-day $BOOK lock-up period for Investors and Employees.
  • After the expiration of the lock-up, Investors & Employees will receive their $BOOK in equal monthly increments over a 21-month period.

Read to Earn:

  • Read to Earn is under development and we keep you updated on the launch timeline.

What are the updated tokenomics?
Image 10-19-23 at 8.38 PM