How do I buy $BOOK on Minswap?

1. Navigate to

2. Connect your wallet to the site.

Image 10-19-23 at 8.52 PM

3. Once connected, click on 'Trade"

Image 10-19-23 at 8.56 PM

4. Click on "Select a Token"

Image 10-19-23 at 9.12 PM

5. Search for $BOOK. Enter the $BOOK Policy ID into the search bar to confirm the authenticity. 

BOOK Policy ID:51a5e236c4de3af2b8020442e2a26f454fda3b04cb621c1294a0ef34

Image 10-19-23 at 9.30 PM

6. Enter the amount of ADA (or other token) you would like to swap for $BOOK.
7. Then click "Swap".

Image 10-19-23 at 9.11 PM

8. Confirm your transaction info, then click "Confirm Swap".

Image 10-19-23 at 9.15 PM

9. You will need to sign the transaction in your wallet. (Eternl example below).

Image 10-19-23 at 9.15 PM (1)

10. After you sign, you should receive a pop-up letting you know the transaction is successful. You can also view the transaction by clicking "View on Explorer".

Image 10-19-23 at 9.21 PM