How Can I Ensure My Safety While Purchasing/Swapping $BOOK?

Scammers are unfortunately out there, follow these best practices to keep your funds safe.

  • Ensure you only click on and use the trusted links listed below: 
  • Do not click on any links in Discord unless you are sure it's from a admin. When in doubt, navigate directly to to ensure security. 
  • Be cautious in Discord. The Book team does its best to weed out bad actors, but sometimes people will get through. Book team members will never DM you and try to get info.
  • team members and our token swap/purchase interface will never ask for your seed phrase or private crypto keys. Do not share those with anyone.
  • Do not keep your seed phrase(s) or private key(s) saved on your phone or computer. The safest way to store your seed phrase is to write it down and kept in multiple safe locations. (example: a home safe).
  • Make sure that emails about $BOOK token are coming from "". Phishing scammers will sometimes spoof emails to make it looks like it was sent from a legitimate source. These emails may contain malicious links. When in doubt, delete the email and reach out to
  • Do not download any browser extensions or apps claiming to be part of The only safe app is the e-reader app, there is no other extension or app. 
  • Be aware that there may be fake tokens created, only interact with $BOOK Token and $BOOK Classic. 

    $BOOK Policy ID. 51a5e236c4de3af2b8020442e2a26f454fda3b04cb621c1294a0ef34

    $BOOK Classic Policy Id  750900e4999ebe0d58f19b634768ba25e525aaf12403bfe8fe130501

  • If you see something suspicious, please report it to